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Hi my name is Gubbins, otherwise known as Jed Bullman and I'm an illustrator and designer currently living in London making a whole host of stuff that I think is kind of cool. My name was inspired by a love for the design that no one really talks about. The bits and pieces, here and there that everyone sees but no one notices - the sticker on your banana, those ads in the middle of old comic books and even the pattern on those old tax discs for your car. There truly is a design story behind everything even the boring stuff. I've always wanted to try and capture the pure creative joy these objects sparked in me through what I do. Truth be told I just want to make cool things, even if only one weird kid like me gets to appreciate them.

If you are in need of something cool, or just wanna say hi, drop me an email or slide into my DM's and I'll see what I can do.

Intrigued? And want to dive deeper into the Gubbins lore? Check out my life story distilled into a neat little document by clicking below.

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